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VPN on Nighthawk Router

A Complete Guide to Use VPN on Nighthawk Router

When you are away from your home and access the internet, you generally use a local internet service provider. For instance, at a cafe, you might be given a code to use the cafe’s internet service account to access the internet. But now with Nighthawk router, you can use a VPN connection to access your own internet service when you are away from your home. Don’t know how to use VPN on nighthawk router? Worry not! Just read this post and learn how you can do so.

Use VPN on Netgear Nighthawk Router

You might wish to use VPN on Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router if you travel to a geographic location that doesn’t support all the internet services you utilize at home. For instance, you can access your Netflix account at home, but in a different city.

Netgear Nighthawk router is pre-set to permit VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections only to your home network. However, you can change the settings to allow internet access. Of course, accessing the internet via a VPN might be slower than accessing the internet directly.

How to Allow VPN Clients to Use Your Internet Service:

Here is a step-by-step guide to allow VPN clients to make use of your internet service:

  • Open a web browser on your computer or laptop.
  • Visit the default Netgear Nighthawk login web page.
  • Enter the router username and password.
  • Once done, click on the Log In button.
  • The basic home screen appears.
  • Click on the VPN Service option.
  • On the next screen, select the Enable VPN Service radio button.
  • Now, head over to the ‘Clients will use this VPN connection to access’ section.
  • Choose the sites and home wireless network option.
  • At last, click on the Apply button.

Let the settings save. This way, you can use VPN on Netgear WiFi router. Now, when you are out of the country, you can make use of the VPN service to access websites that you can’t, due to geographic limitations.

If you come across any type of issue while enabling the VPN, feel free to contact our highly-experienced technicians.

Use VPN Service on Nighthawk Router With Android

On the off chance if you want to use VPN service on Netgear WiFi router with your Android device, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to your Nighthawk router through a PC.
  • Once the router dashboard opens, click on the VPN Service option.
  • Now, click on the For Smart Phone button to download the VPN Configuration package.
  • Connect your Android device to your PC via a cable.
  • Copy and paste the downloaded VPN file.
  • After that, launch the VPN app on your Android phone.
  • Tap on the Connect button.

Done! You have successfully enabled VPN service on your Nighthawk router using an Android device.

Use VPN Service on Nighthawk Router With iOS

In order to use the VPN service on your Netgear Nighthawk router with an iOS device, do the following:

  • Log in to your Nighthawk router via a PC.

Note: If you are unable to log in to your Netgear Nighthawk router, visit our Netgear router troubleshooting page and learn how to resolve the issue.

  • From the router dashboard, click on the VPN service option.
  • Download the VPN configuration package by hitting on the For Smart Phone button.
  • Connect your iOS device to your PC.
  • Locate the files you have downloaded.
  • Afterward, copy and paste the files on iOS device.
  • Launch the VPN app on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the Plus (+) button.
  • Slide the button to connect to the selected profile.

Now, you will see the “Connected” status on the screen. In case you find any difficulty while using the VPN service on Nighthawk WiFi router, get in touch with our experts immediately.

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